The Lesson Quizzes cover the content from the Book. There will be a 20 question quiz most weeks covering the reading material. You can take the quiz twice. The first time select Pretest as the test type on the quiz submit form. If you do well the first time, you are finished. If you would like to improve your grade, take the quiz a second time.
Quiz Form
  1. Except for Quiz One
  2. use this Form to submit your answers.
  3. Quiz Two and Three use the split form/answer sheet method of submitting the form. Quizzes 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 have the questions on the form, so you can just open the quiz link and take the quiz that way.
  4. Extra credit Quizzes 9 and 11 use the split form/document to turn in your quiz, it is not a Flubaroo graded quiz.
  1. Lesson Two - The OSI Model
  2. Lesson Three - Media
  3. Lesson Four  - Network Addressing
  4. Lesson Five - Network Protocols
  5. Chapter Six - Network Devices
  6. Lesson 7 - LAN Technologies
  7. Lesson 8 - WAN Technologies
Extra Credit
  1. Lesson 9
  2. Lesson 11
To take these 2 extra credit quizzes, use this Form to submit the answers to the questions on the documents above.