The Ping Utility is used as a first line tool to check for network connectivity. It uses ICMP packets to find out if a device is located and operating at a specific IP address. It was named after the sound that sonar makes. The utility can also be helpful in determining how long a packet takes to traverse the network, sometimes providing information about network performance as well as basic connectivity.

In my work as a network analyst and problem solver, I find this to be a first line tool to help troubleshoot network issues. Depending on your OS, running the PING utility is accomplished by:
  • Mac OS - Use the terminal utility and type at the prompt: ping <ipaddress>, for help type man ping at the prompt
  • In Windows - use the DOS prompt (run, cmd) ping <ipaddress>, for help type ping /?at the prompt
  • In Linux - Use a term window, <ipaddress>, for help type man ping at the prompt
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