Final Project

Final Evaluation of the class for Mr. Welch

Final Project

You have chosen a color that represents one of the following three scenarios. Each scenario will have three students. It is your task to create a presentation addressing the networking concerns for your scenario. The presentation will need to address the following considerations:
  • Physical wiring topology and type of equipment (routers, switches, wireless, servers, workstations, laptops, etc.)
  • Network Operating System (NOS) such as Windows server, Novell Netware, Linux or UNIX.
  • Email system recommendation with your reasons supporting your choice.
  • IP addressing scheme for setting up the network, including subnet mask information to accomodate the size of network needed.
  • Backup hardware and software as well as disaster recovery protocols.
  • Technical support options for maintaining network after completion.
  • Overall projected budget of network installation and testing.

This is a medical center with six doctors offices as well as nursing stations, clerical staff for billing and scheduling. The clinic has a laboratory that needs to connect to a corporate headquarters for access to the client information related to personal health data. All staff need email and internet access. All client and financial data is stored on location. Building is 1960's concrete block with ceiling crawl space.


This is a medium sized company with a manufacturing site and a corporate headquarters. Corporate headquarter stores all the company data including research and development, financial data, which manufacturing site needs access to. Corporate is about 3 miles from the manufacturing site. Staff need Internet access as well as email access. Sales staff need access to corporate databases 24/7 and security is of high concern. Buildings were built in the 1970's. Corporate is a two-story 15,000 square foot rectangle.


This is a research and development firm specializing in new technologies. Company want to build a new facility with state of the art equipment and applications. High bandwidth access to the Internet is a must. High bandwidth access to all areas of the organization are critical. It is also important that this network have high security and the ability to segment network areas from each other, such as financial from R&D.